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Instead of made in France, I would prefer made BY France

At a time of great economic anxiety, the temptation to fall back on protectionism is great. So the globalisation responsible for relocations would find its antidote in the very fashionable "made in France".

We all want to buy local products and services, made in France, for the following reasons (…)

France, freed from its shackles and taboos, would be an irresistible power!

When you see the performance of a hobbled France, you can only dream of what a liberated France would be able to offer! 

We are suffering from widespread over-taxation, both for households and for businesses; we have perhaps the most successful political class in the world. (…)

The future is in co-entrepreneurship

The great contemporary challenges make us rediscover our common destiny, be it political, demographic, economic or ecological.

Our "humanity" in the sense of a community of men and women is reminding us. Indeed, well beyond territorial and national identities, there are (…)

If you want growth, create it!

The long crisis we are experiencing marks a change of era and an opportunity to reinvent new models.

This is definitely an exceptional time. A time of revelation of an obligatory transition, constantly postponed, psychologically denied so much, of course, that the aftermath remains (…)