Building the next world

The world is changing, faster than ever. It is dragging us along and catching up with us, challenging us. Never has the need for audacity, renewal and reinvention been so vital... it is underway, for those who are willing to look outside the streetlights at this world of initiatives and projects that propose to rethink our world, to make it more resilient, more sustainable, more liveable... for a world more compatible and harmonious with THE world.

The issues that have now become structural have a profound impact on all of us, on humanity as a whole, on our international organisations, on countries, on governments, on private and public human organisations and on each and every one of us. These issues are shaking us up, but they are also challenges and opportunities. There is another world, but it is in this one (Paul Eluard).

We are rediscovering our common destiny, our destiny as humanity, everything is interconnected and interdependent, decoupling is no longer possible, achievements are provisional, dominant positions are fragile, certainties are ephemeral. It is the open and collaborative approach that will make it possible to transform these interdependencies into positive externalities, to move from linear and hierarchical logics to circular and virtuous approaches.

Do you have the right sensors?
Do you tap into the collective intelligence of your team?
Will you be able to adapt?
Do you work in circular economy and short circuits?
Are you optimising your networks?
Do you work in symbiotic benefits with your partners?

Agility, speed, creativity, inventiveness, adaptability, multidisciplinarity, sustainability, responsibility, humility, will build the winning strategies of the new world.

At a time when disruptive innovations, reputation, global performance, social and environmental responsibilities, and the necessary changes in models and organisations are at stake, the management of transition and innovation, and the posture of communication, must be rethought, renewed and deformed.

To be more inventive, more efficient, happier, we need to reconnect with ourselves, with nature, with others. To be inspired, to listen, to observe, to dialogue, in order to be in resonance, and no longer in dissonance.