The turnkey exhibition-gallery on biomimicry. Produced for the Biomim'expo event, and already available in book form, the gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations is now available outside the office to display in your home and to offer to your employees, partners and customers.

at the IMTD in Valenciennes :

Here at ESME in Lille:

Here at the apm convention in Nantes:

Here at the Hôtel de Ville de Paris:

Here at the Nîmes Museum:

Here in a virtual exhibition at the NOVAQ show of the Nouvelle-Aquitaine Region:

At the Château de La Roche Courbon for the Sport, Nature and Heritage event.

Here at the Parc Départemental du Peuple de l'herbe in Carrières-sous-Poissy for the Fête de la Nature:

Here at the Bouygues Group headquarters:

Here at the Université Catholique de Paris for the conference Gaïa face à la théologie :

In an exceptional configuration at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille from 3 to 11 September 2021. 51 metres long and 3 metres high! To travel through 3.8 billion years through 49 stories of bio-inspired innovations. A real exhibition wall, a first on biomimicry. A very warm and passionate welcome from the public, to be repeated!

Or in rollup format for an even easier to install gallery in the colours of nature ...

The idea:

Biomimicry is inspired by nature ... and inspires your employees.

Biomim'INSIDE is a turnkey exhibition kit that can be set up in your premises to show your employees, customers and partners an astonishing and unsuspected gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations.

Innovation and creativity also often come from the ability to challenge, reveal and provoke associations of ideas. Biomim'INSIDE acts as an idea activator, a teaser, a trailer that delivers ideas and products inspired by living organisms in an aesthetic, educational and demonstrative way.

It is also a great tool for teaching and raising awareness of biodiversity, to show it not only as a fragile space to be protected, but also as a library of technologies and an incredible source of inspiration, astonishing and surprising.

The diversity of examples challenges, demonstrates the reality of biomimicry, makes people think outside the box, and generates ideas. Gallery available here.

Instructions for use:

Biomim'INSIDE are self-supporting panels and examples that work in a duo: a visual on the nature side shows a beautiful photo, the source of inspiration / and a visual on the application side shows and explains the bio-inspired idea. You choose the number of panels you want and the examples from the gallery of boards you can see on the Flickr / Biomimexpo account.

The panels are 1000mm x 2000mm and each poster is in A1 format. Together with our art director, we think about a real scenography of the exhibition.

The design of Biomim'Inside allows it to be adapted very easily, according to different adjustable 100% configurations:

In random The panels are spread out over the space in singles or pairs.

In room-gallery ephemeral (creation of a space like a museum piece)

In islandsby cross for example.

In wall lengthwise, along a corridor or a building, to create a highly frequented space.

These arrangements are to be decided together, depending on the space available and the axes of passage and safety.

An operation of seduction, education and internal communication:

  • Take up and "invade" a strategic space (reception hall, cafeteria access, etc.). Biomimicry comes to meet the public.
  • Include a conference introducing biomimicry (definition - examples - trends). The conference is the opening of the exhibition, it provides explanations and launches the operation. Guided tours can be offered during the exhibition.
  • Involve internal communication, HR and CSR/R&D departments to relay and invite, but also explain WHY. Biomimicry is a demonstrator of the relevance of your strategies.
  • Offer the exhibition books (the Biomim'review booklet) to employees (a special edition of the booklet can be personalised). A gift booklet, which is rewarding and extends the exhibition.
  • The added value: the touch panel integrated into the device. An educational, fun, interactive and multimedia tool (videos, quizzes, competitions, etc.).

The NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo team will take care of everything in collaboration with you.

The budget :

On the basis of a indicative price list the budget is finalised on an ad hoc basis, according to your wishes, constraints, desires, installation time, etc., but also according to the configuration of the premises, your technical resources, etc. A scouting meeting allows us to adjust and establish the best quotation.

The budget is assessed on the following basis:

  • Preparation meetings links with your communication, CSR and research activities; drafting of announcements and invitations; reflection on the staging; technical meeting
  • Creation of specific materials:
  • Introduction to the exhibition: why you and biomimicry; why this exhibition ...
  • And probably write and produce one or two new boards on bio-inspired research and innovations from home to be included in the gallery.

The exhibition :

  • 20 or 30 large exhibition panels, i.e. 40 or 60 usable sides
  • 1 launch conference / vernissage
  • Some "guided and commented tour" slots
  • 1 digital slide show for your internal screens
  • For 5 to 10 working days of operation.

to be personalised with your details: