Manifesto for Global Beauty.

For the beauty of people and the world.

We take care of ourselves, our appearance, the beauty of our skin, our smile, our hair, our figure. We care about our image, the way others look at us, our influence, the place we occupy. Like our era, our beauty has become anthropocentric, turned in on itself, it has not been spared by the evolution of the world. A world where man has detached himself from the world, from life, from other lives, from his cradle, from the soil which nevertheless makes trees grow and souls grow.

For the future of mankind and the world, there is no more beauty if it is not global.

Can humanity claim beauty in a devastated, exploited, defiled, sacrificed world? Can it claim to be beautiful if the beauty of men destroys the beauty of the world? What is the meaning of beauty if it is not shared, if it becomes exclusive to men at the expense of the world, whose beauty has preceded us and surpasses us, immensely great and inspiring, aesthetic and profound, visible and invisible, so strong and fragile at the same time? The beauty of men must take root in the beauty of the world, resublimating it to sublimate itself and reach a strength, a power and a grandeur never before achieved: global beauty, for a beautiful humanity, in the eyes of nature itself.

This anchoring, this return to our roots, this reconnection to the rest of life, to grow with and together, is what will rebuild our beauty, this global beauty reconjugating the beauty of our soul with our visual beauty, a human beauty in resonance with the beauty of the world, the beauty of a future world that only respect for the beauty of life will be able to rebuild. A global beauty inspired by life to inspire our lives.

What is beautiful surpasses us, grows us and sublimates us. Difficult times or commitments in the service of others often reveal other beauties: the beauty of mutual aid, of solidarity, of effort, of the other, of listening, of empathy, of disinterest, of the heart and soul. Do we not say a "beautiful person" to signify their inner beauty? Humanity must become a "beautiful humanity" again. By the beauty of looking beyond ourselves, the beauty of an impulse, of a desire for a common destiny, of an awareness; the beauty of a humanity that rediscovers its humanity, that goes beyond the beauty of each individual, and also reveals it in what we are capable of making beautiful, of preserving beautiful. The beauty of respect.

The beauty of the new world will be global or it will not be. This global beauty is our new destiny, our project, to combine the beauty of people and the beauty of the world, the beauty of a preserved and protective nature, the beauty of hope and recognition, the beauty of all the senses: a beauty that our eyes can admire, that our heart can feel, a beauty that soothes, comforts and drives our spirit. This global beauty is resonant, it is symbiotic. Like the beauty of life, it is diverse, multi-scale, visible and invisible, still and dynamic; at once captivating and seductive in its appearances, moving and spiritual in its inner and suggested expressions; singular and global, it is the beauty of the whole and the beauty of each individual; the beauty of people and the beauty of the home of people; the beauty of concern for future generations, of respect for others, of roots that are not our own, of lands that are far from home, of a time that will outlive us.

A global beauty to educate our greatness of soul, to anchor us and better detach us, to fly away without uprooting us, to escape without losing us. In recent times, the mirror has replaced our roots, our fixation point has become ourselves. We have uprooted ourselves by rooting ourselves around this mirror of ourselves. We need to turn it into a window to the world before it shatters. By becoming self-centred, we have distanced ourselves from ourselves, for in reality we exist only beyond ourselves, we are the world around us, and are one with it, nature and life.

The beauty of humanity goes beyond the beauty of each individual; it will come from our ability to make it resonate with the beauty of the world. Reconstructing this global beauty is our common destiny, for a happy and peaceful, viable and livable, prosperous and respectful future world.

For global beauty, of people and the world, our commitment, our raison d'être and our mission to rebuild a world after determined and inspired by the beauty of the relationship between man and nature. A reconciling and vital global beauty.

Alain Renaudin, president and founder of NewCorp Conseil, founder of Biomim'expo.

Global beauty