The more I hire, the more I gain by hiring: creation of the SNCE, the Net Balance of Job Creation

What if the system encouraged always hiring more rather than always taxing more? (updated on 1 April 2013). It is companies that hire (especially small and young ones, see OECD report), create wealth and permanent employment, what a scoop! So, rather than desperately helping ... Continue reading Plus j’embauche, plus je gagne à embaucher: création du SNCE, le Solde Net Créations d’Emplois

If you want growth, create it!

The long crisis we are experiencing marks a change of era and an opportunity to reinvent new models. This is definitely an exceptional time. It is a time of revelation of an obligatory transition, constantly postponed, psychologically denied so much, of course, that the aftermath remains uncertain, because the aftermath is simply to be invented. As always, we would like the world to change... to... Continue reading Si vous voulez de la croissance, créez-la !

For a Made 'by' France that is greater than Made 'in' France

We are proud, but lack the pride of belonging, to carry a tricolour banner as loudly as others carry a starred banner. We often proudly claim France's superiority in many areas, to the point of sometimes appearing to give lessons, and at the same time we regularly sink into self-criticism and self-flagellation, which ... Continue reading Pour un Made « by » France plus grand que le Made « in » France

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> France > NewCorp Conseil 2013 - Alain Renaudin (... with Olivier Cimelière - HEURISTIK Communications - for the final touch :-) _____ Instead of made in France, I would prefer made BY France At a time of great economic anxiety, the temptation to fall back on protectionism is great. So the globalisation responsible for relocations would find its ... Continue reading > France >

Biomimicry: the true nature of the collaborative economy?

See on - Alain Renaudin What if the collaborative economy wasn't actually inspired by Nature? This is the opinion of Gaëtan Dartevelle, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and director of Greenloop. - OuiShare Alain Renaudin's insight: Since man has been man, growth, expansion, conquest, has been at the expense of the other, physically. The ... Continue reading Biomimétisme: la vraie nature de l’économie collaborative ?

Medieval factories for today's high tech

Foxconn, a Chinese company in the heart of Europe To get closer to its European customers, the famous Taiwanese subcontractor for Apple and other manufacturers has set up in the Czech Republic. In Pardubice, Bulgarian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Mongolian workers are working on the assembly line. In Kutna Hora, a new factory is the group's showcase. Read also: When ... Continue reading Usines du moyen âge pour high tech d’aujourd’hui

Consuming less energy to boost growth

At a time when we are reaching peaks in electricity consumption and the recent report by the Court of Auditors revises the cost of the thermonuclear park, the energy question is a social, environmental and industrial issue. These days, we are reaching record levels of electricity consumption, around 97,000 megawatts, which places Brittany in a position of great importance. Continue reading Consommer moins d’énergie pour relancer la croissance

Businesses are also a crisis exit weapon

The crisis we are going through could, paradoxically, be an opportunity to restore the image of companies, and to re-demonstrate the indispensable role they play, from SMEs to CAC 40 companies. A period of transition is always uncomfortable, we know where we have come from without knowing very well where we are going, what we are losing without knowing what we are gaining. Continue reading Les entreprises sont aussi une arme de sortie de crise