If you want growth, create it!

The long crisis we are experiencing marks a change of era and an opportunity to reinvent new models. This is definitely an exceptional time. It is a time of revelation of an obligatory transition, constantly postponed, psychologically denied so much, of course, that the aftermath remains uncertain, because the aftermath is simply to be invented. As always, we would like the world to change... to... Continue reading Si vous voulez de la croissance, créez-la !

Science of Bioinspiration Is Spreading, But Lacks Commercial Teeth | Xconomy

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin Can innovators learn anything about sustainability from the minimalist lifestyle of a two-toed sloth? This question occurred to me Wednesday during the Fou Alain Renaudin's insight: This article written at the end of the "Fourth Annual Bioinspiration Conference" last November in San Diego sums up quite well what biomimicry has done for the ... Continue reading Science of Bioinspiration Is Spreading, But Lacks Commercial Teeth | Xconomy

Swiss drone takes inspiration from insects to avoid mid-air collisions

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin One of the most important issues in the design of drones is the problem of mid-air collisions. Swiss engineers have succeeded in inventing a flying robot inspired by insects to avoid collisions.Alain Renaudin's insight:taking inspiration from nature ... humm ... that tells you something ... Continue reading Un drone suisse s’inspire des insectes pour éviter les collisions dans les airs

Personal branding, the future of man 2.0 ? | Le Cercle Les Echos

See on Scoop.it - Alain RenaudinAlain Renaudin's insight:Everyone becomes or wants to become a brand, in the age of the media-ego, this is not surprising. But conversely, and this is very important, brands also have an interest in becoming incarnate, re-incarnated, re-humanised. To be warmer, more emotional, more credible and sincere in their social commitments in particular. If ... Continue reading Le personal branding, l’avenir de l’homme 2.0 ? | Le Cercle Les Echos


The CEEBIOS, European Centre of Excellence in Biomimicry in Senlis, aims to create on the former military site of the Ordener district a set of complementary activities related to a rapidly growing discipline: biomimicry. In the spirit of a campus, the centre will encourage exchanges and cooperation between scientists, researchers and ... Continue reading Le CEEBIOS

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> France > http://youtu.be/FsYOvWy_1dA NewCorp Conseil 2013 - Alain Renaudin (... with Olivier Cimelière - HEURISTIK Communications - for the final touch :-) _____ Instead of made in France, I would prefer made BY France At a time of great economic anxiety, the temptation to fall back on protectionism is great. So the globalisation responsible for relocations would find its ... Continue reading > France >

On the usefulness of taxation

First edition on 28/10/2013 - Updated 01/02/2017 When taxes kill ... Income tax, vat, family quotient, family allowances, deductions related to high school and university students, local taxes, ... everything is increasing, everything is good to puncture. "The French must make efforts", this refrain repeated over and over again by politicians (of whom the public is convinced), is the only one that can be used as an excuse to make a profit... Continue reading De l’utilité de l’impôt

Biomimicry: the true nature of the collaborative economy?

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin What if the collaborative economy wasn't actually inspired by Nature? This is the opinion of Gaëtan Dartevelle, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and director of Greenloop. - OuiShare Alain Renaudin's insight: Since man has been man, growth, expansion, conquest, has been at the expense of the other, physically. The ... Continue reading Biomimétisme: la vraie nature de l’économie collaborative ?

Political inspiration suffers from the pre-formatting of partisan thinking

Why is it so difficult to renew oneself politically and culturally? The time of great crises, of great decisions, of great changes, must also be the time of renewal, of creativity, of gathering, of national unity, of the "project". This applies both at national and European level. Europe should be at the time of the Europe nation, not the Europe of the world. Continue reading L’inspiration politique souffre du pré-formatage de la pensée partisane