Creative hybridisation

NewCorp Conseil positions itself at the crossroads and expertise, both a monitoring and forecasting firm to be on the lookout for trends, ideas and innovative approaches; a communications expert to enhance and amplify your actions, commitments and assets, and reveal other possibilities; a research institute to analyse opinion, measure expectations and perceptions, anticipate, understand and respond.

A bio-inspired consulting agencyThis is a new approach based on the lessons learned from the observation of living organisms and their tremendous capacity for resilience; and research management for decompartmentalised, technological, innovative and disruptive approaches.

NewCorp Conseil has taken the initiative to create Biomim'expo; develops trend reviews and monitoring; advises on development and strategic positioning; offers conferences and exhibitions, trips to meet innovative projects, intermediation and co-development; sets up multidisciplinary and creative teams to support your projects ... also by revisiting its strategy and consultancy business by proposing Nature as a model and source of inspiration, in the service ofinnovative approaches.

An innovation and consultancy agency at the crossroads of paths and expertise.

Advising is no longer enough, you have to be an actor yourself, an entrepreneur and a creator, to participate, to act, to take risks, to be passionate; to associate yourself with the initiatives and objectives of your partners, clients and stakeholders; to launch projects by federating groups.

It is a process of co-creation, of joint venture, of collaborative innovation. Nothing can be done from the outside, from a distance; we act with, alongside, together, by wetting the shirt and lifting the bonnet. The objective is not to produce a deliverable in order to charge fees, the objective is to convince, to share ideas, to make, to move, and to produce results, satisfaction, ideas, involvement, listening, sharing, desire...

NewCorp Conseil's approach:

  • Understand your problem, your issues and your context in depth, challenge it, benchmark it.
  • Propose a recommendation, an action plan and a method / or propose to join initiatives launched to support and participate in them.
  • Soliciting, briefing and activating the various expertise required to suggest a tailor-made team perfectly adapted to your needs: the solution, the good idea, the realisation will come from the collective and from the ability to identify, federate and animate this collective, creative and efficient intelligence.
  • To manage and coordinate this project team at your service.
  • Ensuring compliance with the schedule, budgets and overall quality.
  • To advise and support you throughout the process.

Beyond technical and technological innovations, taking inspiration from the living suggests considering nature as a model for sustainable development, but also as a model for management and performance, as a new paradigm:

  • The living world is the only sustainable world that we know of, and following its methods and specifications means giving ourselves the means to build a "human world" that is also sustainable.
  • Drawing inspiration from nature (bio-inspiration/biomimicry) is a formidable tool for positive and "technological" awareness-raising in the service of a rediscovery of biodiversity
  • Bio-inspiration demonstrates the interest of multidisciplinarity, a sine qua non condition for innovative and breakthrough approaches
  • It is also a source of fascinating revelations and stories that demonstrate the extraordinary capacity of living things to achieve the CSR goals we are chasing.