The major event for biomimicry and bio-inspired innovations

The event

Biomim'expo is the major gathering of actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and approaches inspired by Nature to innovate and create the conditions for a renewed and sustainable development model.

You can support and join the operation, which is intended to be collective and choral.

The meeting place for all those who are looking to innovate by listening to the environment in order to respect it more, and listening to other disciplines in order to get off the beaten track, who are already working on approaches based on biomimicry or are simply interested in it and want to know more, who are keen to develop their network and find development opportunities.

A meeting point between scientists, researchers, engineers, politicians, entrepreneurs, financiers, etc.; between biologists, physicists, chemists, urban planners, architects, ecologists, philosophers, sociologists, etc.; between large groups, start-ups, public bodies, schools, universities, research centres, etc., because exchange and multicultural hybridisation are innovation accelerators.

Biomimicry deserved a major annual event, as was proven by the success of the first editions.

Our era needs reconnections, between Man and Nature of course, but also between our own spheres, between research and industry, between ecology and the economy, between large groups and start-ups, between biologists and engineers ... these spheres need to speak to each other better, to listen to each other, to exchange. Our sectoral, disciplinary and community 'languages' are our new Towers of Babel, isolating us at a time when we should be reconnecting, including with ourselves, to build and invent together. 

Nature is proposing a profound paradigm shift, from being a mere stock or constraint to being a sanctuary to be protected, a laboratory for the world's most efficient technologies and an ecosystem model of resilience. 

Biomim'expo is a meeting point for scientists, researchers, start-ups, large groups, public bodies, schools, etc. because exchange and multiculturalism are accelerators of innovation

For :

  • Biomimicry/biotechnology/greenbusiness networks
  • Sustainable development/ESR networks and departments
  • The research directorates
  • Marketing/communication/strategy departments
  • Territorial networks
  • Environmental associations
  • Professional federations
  • Investors and development consultants.

Partners, exhibitors and speakers will have the opportunity to present their activities and projects. During this Biomim'day, we will offer you the great gallery of bio-inspiration, through speeches, workshops and demonstrations, to present the latest trends, innovations, projects and research work that are shaping the world of tomorrow inspired by nature. 

"change our perspective to change our scale and change our times, through the power of the collective". 

Become a partner ...

Biomim'expo is the initiative of the NewCorp Conseil agency, which is responsible for its organisation and financial balance. The operation is set up according to a participative financing approach which mutualises costs, but it is above all a state of mind: a collective and collegial adventureA symbiotic and regenerative event where everyone lives, participates, contributes and benefits.

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