NewCorp Tools

Although NewCorp Conseil's approach is always ad hoc and specific to each problem, certain tools developed by the agency can also be used.

The internal turnkey event through an ephemeral exhibition to discover innovations inspired by living organisms. An original and much appreciated operation to discover and raise awareness of biodiversity.

Produced for the Biomim'expo event, and already available as a bookThe gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations is now available for display in your home and for your employees, partners and customers.

This was the occasion for a major and original internal event, combining an exhibition, conference, workshops and CSR issues.

The conference that explains, reveals and illustrates the scope of biomimicry.

A tour of biomimicry to establish the basics, definitions and philosophy; to illustrate the approach with a series of concrete examples; to explain the technological and economic accelerators that make it a perennial trend, full of meaning and future.

When inspiration from the living becomes a strategic move.

Beyond research and technological applications, biomimicry is also (and perhaps above all) a question of attitude, openness, creativity, a different way of collaborating and thinking about the ideas of tomorrow. The Biomim'way makes it possible to open up biomimicry to all teams, to strategy and to foresight.

Rediscovering life. Knowledge test and animation game on biomimicry and biodiversity.

Will you find the symbiotic associations? A game of memory and associations between inspiring nature and bio-inspired techno.