The biomimetic city

For a new vision of the city, inspired by nature. How can the city reinvent itself to meet the major challenges of our time, those of the planet and its citizens, without adding costs and constraints? An innovative approach inspired by natural strategies and ecosystems allows us to envisage a city with a sustainable impact. Continue reading La ville biomimétique

The House of Men

Chicago speech - 1970 - Georges Pompidou. Visionary speech on ecological issues inspired by this historic photograph by Bill Anders which for the first time shows humanity "the home of man" in the immensity of space. (Incredible story of this photograph at the end of the article) During an official speech at the Alliance française dinner ... Continue reading La maison des hommes

Enter into positive resonance

Towards a new corporate communication. Multiple and hybrid crises (climatic, ecological, health, financial, etc.), political discredit, search for a new paradigm, questioning of elites, erosion of brand images, social and environmental concerns, slowing of growth, precariousness, communitarianism, institutional distrust, moral crisis, withdrawal, frustrating schizophrenic search between community aspirations and individual achievements, etc. Continue reading Rentrez en résonance positive

Biomim Factor 12

Why is biomimicry accelerating? Biomimicry is a fast-growing and high-potential discipline that is at the heart of the research work and innovation strategies of a vast and multidisciplinary ecosystem of labs, research centres, universities, large companies, start-ups, schools and universities throughout the world, and particularly in France. While biomimicry is known for its ... Continue reading Biomim Facteur 12

More nature in the city

PRESS RELEASE - National survey - The French want more nature in the city as the number one criterion for the "cities of tomorrow", ahead of reducing pollution and increasing the mix of housing and work. Smart city, resilient city, intelligent city, connected city ... the cities of tomorrow are at the heart of the major challenges of our time. We will be ... Continue reading Plus de nature en ville

Awareness of biomimicry

1st study of awareness of biomimicry Sustainable development, circular economy, smart city, energy transition, biomimicry, third industrial revolution... NewCorp Conseil wanted to measure the comparative awareness of sustainable terminologies and to carry out the first measurement of awareness of biomimicry among the French. SYNTHESIS Why this study? Since the publication of the Brundtland report in 1987, the ... Continue reading Notoriété du biomimétisme

The more I hire, the more I gain by hiring: creation of the SNCE, the Net Balance of Job Creation

What if the system encouraged always hiring more rather than always taxing more? (updated on 1 April 2013). It is companies that hire (especially small and young ones, see OECD report), create wealth and permanent employment, what a scoop! So, rather than desperately helping ... Continue reading Plus j’embauche, plus je gagne à embaucher: création du SNCE, le Solde Net Créations d’Emplois

If you want growth, create it!

The long crisis we are experiencing marks a change of era and an opportunity to reinvent new models. This is definitely an exceptional time. It is a time of revelation of an obligatory transition, constantly postponed, psychologically denied so much, of course, that the aftermath remains uncertain, because the aftermath is simply to be invented. As always, we would like the world to change... to... Continue reading Si vous voulez de la croissance, créez-la !

For a Made 'by' France that is greater than Made 'in' France

We are proud, but lack the pride of belonging, to carry a tricolour banner as loudly as others carry a starred banner. We often proudly claim France's superiority in many areas, to the point of sometimes appearing to give lessons, and at the same time we regularly sink into self-criticism and self-flagellation, which ... Continue reading Pour un Made « by » France plus grand que le Made « in » France

French pride in their regional identity

- NewCorp Conseil's major national survey - The territorial reform desired by the Prime Minister (abolition of the general councils and division of the number of regions by two) will be difficult. Beyond the elected representatives who are already mobilising, it is the whole of the French population who declare themselves attached to their regional identity. Between accounting mathematics and identity ... Continue reading La fierté d’appartenance régionale des Français

> France >

> France > NewCorp Conseil 2013 - Alain Renaudin (... with Olivier Cimelière - HEURISTIK Communications - for the final touch :-) _____ Instead of made in France, I would prefer made BY France At a time of great economic anxiety, the temptation to fall back on protectionism is great. So the globalisation responsible for relocations would find its ... Continue reading > France >

On the usefulness of taxation

First edition on 28/10/2013 - Updated 01/02/2017 When taxes kill ... Income tax, vat, family quotient, family allowances, deductions related to high school and university students, local taxes, ... everything is increasing, everything is good to puncture. "The French must make efforts", this refrain repeated over and over again by politicians (of whom the public is convinced), is the only one that can be used as an excuse to make a profit... Continue reading De l’utilité de l’impôt

Biomimicry: the true nature of the collaborative economy?

See on - Alain Renaudin What if the collaborative economy wasn't actually inspired by Nature? This is the opinion of Gaëtan Dartevelle, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and director of Greenloop. - OuiShare Alain Renaudin's insight: Since man has been man, growth, expansion, conquest, has been at the expense of the other, physically. The ... Continue reading Biomimétisme: la vraie nature de l’économie collaborative ?

Political inspiration suffers from the pre-formatting of partisan thinking

Why is it so difficult to renew oneself politically and culturally? The time of great crises, of great decisions, of great changes, must also be the time of renewal, of creativity, of gathering, of national unity, of the "project". This applies both at national and European level. Europe should be at the time of the Europe nation, not the Europe of the world. Continue reading L’inspiration politique souffre du pré-formatage de la pensée partisane


"Forward", to say "we still can" "Forward" was Barack Obama's campaign slogan, an apt and very contemporary slogan. More than a slogan, it is a call to mobilise, to energise, to conquer, to fight against defeatism and fatalism. When times are hard, the temptation is great... Continue reading Forward

France, freed from its shackles and taboos, would be an irresistible economic power

When we see the performance of a hobbled France, we dream of what a liberated France would be able to offer! The editorial of Tuesday 23 October 2012 on ( ... which is likely to remain relevant for a long time! Never before have we talked so much about transition, yet never before have we suffered so much from inertia. This is the ... Continue reading La France libérée de ses carcans et tabous serait une puissance économique irrésistible

The new challenges of territorial marketing

The new challenges of territorial marketing - Conference on 20 June 2013. Cities and territories have become "brands". Why and how have these issues become strategic, for elected officials, but not only: for all stakeholders linked to territories too. Contrary to appearances, territorial marketing is not only a territorial competition, it is also a ... Continue reading Les nouveaux enjeux du marketing territorial

Medieval factories for today's high tech

Foxconn, a Chinese company in the heart of Europe To get closer to its European customers, the famous Taiwanese subcontractor for Apple and other manufacturers has set up in the Czech Republic. In Pardubice, Bulgarian, Romanian, Vietnamese and Mongolian workers are working on the assembly line. In Kutna Hora, a new factory is the group's showcase. Read also: When ... Continue reading Usines du moyen âge pour high tech d’aujourd’hui

The responsibility of the Media on our Moral ...

Should the media (also) cheer us up? Media froth, small talk, short-termism, political quarrels, social plans, unemployment, ... is it possible, without minimising the difficulties, to turn the spotlight to talk about the France that is undertaking and succeeding? On Mondays I pay particular attention to the news because I have an editorial to write. Continue reading La responsabilité des Médias sur notre Moral …

Consuming less energy to boost growth

At a time when we are reaching peaks in electricity consumption and the recent report by the Court of Auditors revises the cost of the thermonuclear park, the energy question is a social, environmental and industrial issue. These days, we are reaching record levels of electricity consumption, around 97,000 megawatts, which places Brittany in a position of great importance. Continue reading Consommer moins d’énergie pour relancer la croissance

Public debt: 40 years of psychological denial... and counting

(first published: on atlantico, 27 November 2012, - an article which unfortunately does not take a wrinkle! except to consider the additional lines of debts as the wrinkles of a State which ages and weakens it) Since the presidency of Valéry Giscard d' Estaing, the public debt of France passed from 20% to 100%... Continue reading Dette publique : 40 ans de déni psychologique… et ça continue

I oppose therefore I am

It seems that the opposition is going to have a new leader because the UMP is going to elect its President on Sunday. Nothing is less certain. In fact, the opposition is already elsewhere because it is already everywhere. Today, the exercise of the opposition is no longer limited to the playground of political parties, representatives of the people and speaking in their name. Above all ... Continue reading Je m’oppose donc je suis