The Biomim'Gallery

A unique collection of examples of bio-inspired innovations in all fields.

The boards

The Biomim'Galerie educational boards are a series of illustrated and explained examples of bio-inspired innovations. From the Biomim'review NewCorp Observer.

On the one hand inspiring nature, on the other bio-inspired technology. The gallery, which is constantly being expanded, is a veritable library of inspiration.

A demonstration of the power and infinite potential of bio-inspired applications in all fields.

A series of plates that you can find in the book-gallery "When nature inspires innovation", and in the form of an ephemeral exhibition Biomim'Inside.

The entire series is available on Flickr


Your educational expo kit on biomimicry illustrated and explained

20 A2 paper posters of bio-inspired innovation stories. On one side inspiring nature, on the other applied ideas.

2 illustrated paperbacks explaining the philosophy of biomimicry and presenting 62 innovations.

The PACK series in pictures.

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