Travelling exhibition in Hauts-de-France on biomimicry for the ecological, energy and industrial transition. Find out more about the project and join the operation. Call for applications launched.

The project :

An exhibition in the framework of the territorial project "BLOOM" supported by Ademe and the Hauts-de-France Region and led by Ceebios in cooperation with NewCorp Conseil and Biomim'expo.

The Bloom project, financed by the FRATRI (Fonds Régional d'Amplification de la Troisième Révolution Industrielle), aims to study, demonstrate and apply biomimicry for a bio-inspired territorial transition.

By revealing the philosophy and a wide range of concrete applications of biomimicry, the OCTO'BIOME Expo is integrated into the project as a tool forprimingof pedagogyof awareness and demonstration of the interest of biomimicry in meeting the major challenges of the transition.

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Drawing inspiration from biodiversity to innovate, in the service of man and the planet.

Biomimicry is a method of innovation, it is also a philosophy, an invitation to rethink our relationship between man and nature, and a tool for rediscovering and raising awareness of biodiversity.

The OCTO'BIOME travelling exhibition proposed in the Hauts-de-France region will be based on the Biomim'Galerie's educational boards.

These stories of bio-inspired innovations tell the story of biodiversity, fill us with wonder and propose a decisive change of perspective through this path of rediscovery of the genius of living organisms but also of the formidable interest in being inspired by them. Better knowledge, for better recognition and better protection.

A Biomim'gallery available here: https://flic.kr/s/aHskT5uvmp

Scripting :

The OCTO'BIOME Expo invites us to consider the living world as a model for innovation and adaptation to the challenges of the ecological, energy, industrial and social transition.

The examples chosen will illustrate how nature is a source of inspiration for 8 main pillars and areas of application, linked to the Millennium Goals and the Third Industrial Revolution (Rev3)


A breathtaking and inspiring gallery of the genius of life and the multitude of lessons to be learned from it through very concrete and diverse examples.

A travelling exhibition to meet an inspiring Nature, source of innovations for the pillars of the ecological and industrial transition.

A turnkey exhibition-gallery with a very strong appeal to the public.

Produced for the Biomim'expo event, and already available in book form, the gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations is now available outside the walls to be displayed in Hauts-de-France and offered to the public, whether professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students or citizens.

The OCTO'BIOME expo in Hauts-de-France on biomimicry is an exhibition-event that will take place in the Hauts-de-France region for one month, to reveal an astonishing and unsuspected gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations.

OCTO'BIOME Expo acts as an idea activator, a teaser, a trailer that delivers ideas and products inspired by living things in an aesthetic, educational and demonstrative way. The diversity of examples challenges, demonstrates the reality of biomimicry, makes people think outside the box and generates ideas.

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This operation will give rise to multiple ideas for promotion, display and valorisation for associated stakeholders. Without prejudice to the final configuration :

Display of your logo and mention on the exhibition materials at each stage.

Mention and display during the information and promotion campaign on social networks

Presence, promotion, citation at the inauguration of each stage of the travelling exhibition.

Press relations and publicity operations public relations at a stage of your choice.

Communication internal relaying the operation, with the possibility of inviting your teams and their families for discovery tours guided tours of the gallery.

Special price on the exhibition book.

3 ways to join the adventure

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Above all, this operation needs to be financed. You can support it by associating your brand/structure/institution and your image to the communication operation and by taking advantage of the reduced cost because it is mutualised and shared. Contact the organisation to be associated with all the components of the operation.

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Get in touch now. Round of financing to be set up in April 2022. Partners' meeting in May. Finalization in June. Operation in SEPTEMBER 2022.

NewCorp Conseil / Biomim'expo

Alain Renaudin, President and Founder

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Olivier Floch, Client Director

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Aurélie Wastin, Client Manager

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Alexandre Devernay, Octo'Biomim Expo project manager

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Marie Darul, Territorial Deployment Officer - Hauts-de-France Region


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Hugo Bachellier, Training Officer & Interregional Coordinator

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