NewCorp Productions

In addition to ad hoc consultancy services, the agency has also taken the initiative to launch and produce several innovations in the field of biomimicry.

The great meeting of biomimicry and bio-inspiration. An initiative and production of NewCorp Conseil with a large college of public and private partners.

The reference site: Biomim'

The replays from previous editions

The College of partners

The gallery of exhibitors.

THE competition for bio-inspired projects, presented at the Biomim'expo / Biomim'week and pitched in the final at the annual event.

Contact us to participate in the next edition and/or to create your own project competition in the field of biomimicry.

Find the pitches of the 2020 winners and finalists.

The Biomim'Galerie educational boards are a series of illustrated and explained examples of bio-inspired innovations. From the Biomim'review NewCorp Observer.

On the one hand inspiring nature, on the other bio-inspired technology. The gallery, which is constantly being expanded, is a veritable library of inspiration. A demonstration of the power and infinite potential of bio-inspired applications in all fields.

A series of plates that you can find in the book-gallery "When nature inspires innovation", and in the form of an ephemeral exhibition Biomim'Inside.

All information on the Biomim'gallery and access to the series of educational boards.

Biomim'review, the biomimicry monitoring service of NewCorp Observer has been published as a book-gallery, offering a series of illustrated and explained example sheets of bio-inspired innovations.

A unique book that explains and illustrates a series of very concrete examples of bio-inspired innovations in a wide range of fields.

Overview of the boards.

Information and orders here.

The guide / directory of actors and professionals in biomimicry and bio-inspiration.

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