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The book "WHEN NATURE INSPIRES INNOVATION" offers a collection of illustrated and explained stories of bio-inspired innovations. Throughout the pages, which can be read independently, you will be surprised by the diversity of the examples and amazed by the genius of living organisms.

Open format 21×59.4 (double A4 landscape), 88 pages. 62 examples and illustrations, in all fields.

Biomimicry proposes the living as a model. Incredibly efficient and resilient, nature is an infinite source of inspiration to innovate, to reinvent our modes of organisation and development, and to put humanity back in resonance and harmony with its environment. Biomimicry is also a formidable tool for raising awareness and changing the way we look at biodiversity. 

This book "When nature inspires innovation" offers a gallery of about sixty illustrated and explained examples of bio-inspired innovations, by putting in mirror the inspiring nature and the innovation which results from it. The voluntary diversity of the cases presented will undoubtedly surprise you, reveal the genius of living organisms, and probably generate ideas to be explored or a desire to know more. A walk to (re)marvel at the genius of nature which surrounds us and which has so much to teach those who know how to listen to it and watch it.

Alain Renaudin, a graduate in economics from Sorbonne University and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris, founded the NewCorp Conseil agency to assist the general public, decision-makers, companies and public bodies with the challenges of transition and innovation. To promote the spirit and the solutions proposed by biomimicry and its ecosystem, he took the initiative to create the Biomim'expo event. He also participated in the creation of Ceebios, and is a member and founding partner. 

Entrepreneur, editorialist and lecturer, he is committed to raising awareness of the idea of biomimicry, which proposes the living as a model, both from a technical and technological point of view and from a philosophical and political point of view. He is convinced that this is a path of inspiration, a way out of the crisis and a way to reconnect with a more sustainable, harmonious and joyful future. 


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The book includes a large part of the pedagogical plates of the Biomim'gallery.