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We have a future to invent.

We are invited - urged - to radically revisit our modes of operation, behaviour, consumption, development but also research and collaboration. This need to accelerate and change scale in order to change times will also require us to review our methodologies and our modes of collaboration and idea production, our ability to identify and grow the ideas of tomorrow... some of which are already here.

We must accelerate the transition, ecological and climatic, but also economic and social, in order to live again and survive, to adapt and change, more quickly. We need to grow innovative transition solutions, to change scale in order to change times, by combining our views and expertise, and by multiplying as never before the positive and reconstructive impacts of our actions.

We must cross from one shore to the other, leaving the pontoon of a system that is devastating but known and well-tried, collectively suicidal but profitable, to the unknown of a new land of the future, of a new time. We know this and we fear it at the same time. We are living in that particular moment when the proven need for a paradigm shift precedes the new paradigm itself.

But if we look closely, this future is already here, around us and in each of us:

3.8 billion years of research and development.

A society, companies and public opinion on the move. Pioneering initiatives, experiments and transitions already underway.

Scientific knowledge and a research community with exceptional potential for expertise and responses.

Incredible innovations and technological tools at the forefront.

This transition, which we might better call rebirth or refoundation, will not be an adjustment of the past. Its urgency will also require more collective and multidisciplinary intelligence, revealing new ideas through the creative force of cross-views, but also reconsidering or deploying new solutions and alternatives ... sometimes already existing! Because in reality if this quest is a leap into the future, it is not a leap into the unknown.

In order to contribute to a virtuous and bio-inspired way out of the crisis, NewCorp Conseil has undertaken a considerable amount of continuous and fastidious work to enrich our platform of knowledge and applications on biomimicry, resulting from our work of monitoring, identification, intermediation, publishing and project support

Drawing inspiration from the present to design the future, by hybridization and collective computational intelligence.

Databases; an offer of monitoring, studies, analyses and trends; and on the horizon, with partners and sponsors who wish to join in, the project of an ambitious media portal to accelerate the transition to a bio-inspired future.

The aim of the NewCorp Observer is to to encourage the discovery and acceleration of promising research and applicationsThis is what we call the BIOMIM DEEPTECH, and we want to encourage its development by launching the BIOMIM'INVEST fund next October at BIOMIM'EXPO 5 (pre-configuration underway, join us).

We already have many promising avenues that are waiting to be developed with economic and industrial partners. And because this body of work is also a stimulus for creativity, to encourage creative hybridisationWhen three good current tracks give rise to a fourth, innovative and composite hybrid track. This genealogy of ideas The result is a new branch, a new offspring, inspired by time and history. Sometimes, tomorrow is already bornThis is also collective intelligence, which we can also call, from these bases, Observe, to be aware of our needs. This is also collective intelligence, which we can also call, from these bases Observe, from computational collective intelligenceThis is a combination of observations, knowledge, data, projections and the generation of new projections.

To understand better, to know better, to share better, to know ourselves better, because tomorrow will also be born of what we decide to make grow from the present.

Many promising innovations are still in the research phase, or have already been tried out or launched on a small or large scale here or there, or are in gestation in people's minds, waiting to be able to express themselves, in the homes of project leaders waiting for partners and mentors, or even on the workbenches ready to hatch and grow. These cocoons of innovation can blossom into a new future, provided we become the gardeners of that future.

Through the biomimicry approach, this future is often behind us and around us. It is the analysis of life itself and its evolution, from organisms to ecosystems, as we can study and decipher it today, that offers us these solutions for tomorrow. In a way, this resilient future already exists, in the genealogy of life, which is the whole approach and philosophy of biomimicry.

But this future is also sometimes next to us, in the human communitySometimes the future does not have to be invented, it has to be identified and grown. So much the better, we must gain time.

The crisis forces us to be humble, in the face of the living, but also in the face of others. This humility also means considering that the good idea of tomorrow may already existIt's a question of the future, and that it may not be mine, that pieces of this future score may have already been written, that it may be necessary to compose and sublimate rather than create.

Alongside allied partners, first and foremost Ceebios, NewCorp Conseil participates in the promotion of research and biomimicry to encourage our ability to project ourselves towards a better tomorrow. This ability to project ourselves is partly based on the study and analysis of current events and innovations, trends and the economic situation we are experiencing, in order to find ideas and avenues, but also in order to resonate positively with the expectations and needs of our time, stakeholders, customers, citizens, etc.. In particular, this involves revealing and supporting solutions and approaches for the future that we have identified through our listening and monitoring work, in order to contribute to their deployment and to stimulate creative collisions and different views.

Today already inspires tomorrow

4 regularly updated databases. Because biomimicry means taking inspiration from living things, and also knowing how to take inspiration from others. (some public, some confidential)

  • The Biomim'expo platform
    • The event website becomes a portal and platform for resources, cases, actors and inspirations.
  • The Biomim'Repertory
    • Pages dedicated to the actors, which can be consulted and enriched with a first search engine.
    • 140 portraits.
  • The Biomim'BOOK
    • Portrait pages of a series of biomimicry actors.
    • The 2020 edition is already underway.
    • 56 advertisers, 18000 views.
  • The Biomim'Gallery
    • A series of examples and stories of applied bio-inspired innovations

Sharing and information chains :

  • Biomim'expo TV on Youtube
    • More than 90 online conferences of actors, researchers and entrepreneurs of biomimicry. You will be surprised by this incredible panel. You will also find on this channel a selection of useful videos.
  • The twitter account of Biomim'expo
    • Every day stories about biomimicry or information related to climate and biodiversity issues
  • LinkedIn
    • The account of Alain Renaudin, founder of Biomim'expo

The files and analyses : (some public, some confidential)