Review of trends and news. The immersive conference-seminar that explains, reveals and illustrates the scope of applied biomimicry.

Biomimicry"? Are you wondering what it is, or would you like to know more?

A real opportunity for the future, biomimicry is a fast-growing approach with strong multi-sectoral potential, at the heart of the disruptive innovation strategies of many companies, research centres and innovative businesses, because it is at the heart of the new transition underway: saving energy; working in short circuits; reducing waste; rethinking agriculture; preferring circular to linear; fighting global warming; making our housing, cities and territories resilient; combining growth and biodiversity; working and communicating in open and collegial systems; ... breaking out of silos to innovate through decompartmentalised approaches, inspired by 3.8 billion years of R&D of living things!

This conference will reveal both the powerful philosophy and the immense and growing scope of the subject.

A state of the art of biomimicry to set out the basics, definitions and philosophy; to illustrate the approach with a series of concrete examples of bio-inspired innovations in all fields; to explain the technological and economic accelerators that make it a fast-growing trend, full of meaning and future.

Sequences :

  • Introduction
  • Reminder of issuesdefinitionsprinciple and philosophy the idea of the living as a model of innovation and a paradigm of transition,
  • Great gallery of examples This book presents concrete, illustrated and explained examples of bio-inspired innovations in all fields and at all scales. Development of the Biomim Deeptech "market", fund-raising, industrial strategies; sectoral or thematic focus on a case-by-case basis,
  • Opening on the Biomim'way: beyond the field of research, biomimicry as an attitude and a new project of reconnection and transition management,
  • Conclusion, discussion, areas for reflection.
  • Signing of the book-gallery "When nature inspires innovation

Speaker :

Alain RenaudinPresident of NewCorp Conseil (an agency specialising in biomimicry monitoring and strategies), founder of Biomim'expo (the major biomimicry event), lecturer and author of the book "When nature inspires innovation".

Target audience:

A lively presentation adapted to all types of audience: professionals, decision-makers, general management, CSR R&D teams, experts or not, employees, members of associations, entrepreneurs, the general public, employees, students, pupils (from secondary school onwards).

Tone :

Demonstrating the reality of applied biomimicry. Revelation and re-enchantment, creative stimulation and prospective. Changing the way we look at nature as a model, to show other fields of possibility and invite us to break out of our silos. A triptych between philosophy, economy and society.

Duration :

From 30 minutes to 1h30

Options :

The conference can be accompanied/extended by a signing session, by the exhibition BiomimInsideor thematic and sectoral workshops.

Budgets: indicative grid :

About the speaker :

Alain Renaudin's dual experience as deputy managing director of the Ifop polling institute and president of DDB Corporate within the American communications group has given him a very strong awareness of public opinion, social issues and the new role that socio-economic players must play in it.

Alain Renaudin became interested in sustainable development after the Johannesburg summit in 2002, set up observatories and advised numerous groups and institutions on these strategic issues. While he advocated throughout the 2000s that we should "move from teaching the why to teaching the how", his "encounter" with biomimicry through his participation in the creation and development of Ceebios was a revelation: it is the "how" of sustainable development, a toolbox that reconciles the environment and development, and makes ecology a solution and no longer just a constraint.

In November 2011, he created "NewCorp Conseil" to support and advise on strategies, projects and communication around CSR - research - innovation - transition issues, on institutional and political issues with a view to revealing other fields of possibility to propose the paradigm shift that is essential to the transformation that must take place.

Anxious to make biomimicry better known, he created a first conference in March 2015 at the Maison de la Chimie in Paris. Encouraged by the enthusiasm generated, and convinced of the need to reveal and encourage bio-inspiration, he proposed to launch the challenge of creating a major annual, multidisciplinary and multicultural meeting on this emerging theme. Its objective is to reveal biomimicry not only as a field of academic and industrial excellence for France, but also as a tool for international outreach, a factor for promoting research and to offer, through bio-inspiration, a formidable tool for raising awareness and re-awakening interest in biodiversity. At the confluence of ecology, research, technology, economics, but also philosophy and politics, Alain Renaudin considers biomimicry to be a project for society, an accelerator of change, and an ally of the indispensable reconnection between man and nature.

Today, Biomim'expo is part of NewCorp Conseil's range of offers on these transition and innovation issues. Alain Renaudin holds a master's degree in economics from the University of Paris Sorbonne and a postgraduate degree from Sciences Po Paris.

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Posters :

Texts :

Short :

A conference on the (re)discovery of nature as a brilliant and powerful model for performance and transition. A philosophical and illustrated journey through a review of trends and a wide gallery of examples of bio-inspired innovations, each more surprising than the last. Life is our most precious model - and partner - for the future.

Long :

Biomimicry uses the living world as a model. Incredibly ingenious, powerful and resilient, nature is an infinite source of inspiration for innovating and reinventing the way we design, produce, organise and develop. A compass to put humanity back in harmony with its environment. Life has existed on Earth for 3.8 billion years, and we (homo sapiens) for around 250,000 years. We therefore have a lot to learn from all the forms of life on Earth, which are older and more experienced than we are, and which have constantly adapted, improved and found the right strategies to survive. Biomimicry means (re)reading and (re)discovering nature, (re)considering it as a model of excellence and drawing lessons from it that can be applied to human activities to make them profitable and sustainable. The living world is the most innovative and resilient society, our best partner for the future. Drawing inspiration from the living world means changing the way we look at the seemingly banal biodiversity that surrounds us, adopting the attitude of a pupil in the face of Nature, and regaining awareness that we are not alone in the world and that we cannot live in isolation from the world. "When Nature Inspires Innovation" is a conference that establishes biomimicry as a philosophy and illustrates it with a large and surprising gallery of stories of bio-inspired innovations in all fields of activity. Biomimicry is booming, thanks to a series of technological, scientific and societal accelerators. It's a toolbox for reinventing a more sustainable, pleasant and harmonious world, and responding to the major challenges facing our society.

Alain Renaudin is also the author of the book " WHEN NATURE INSPIRES INNOVATION"A collection of illustrated and explained stories of bio-inspired innovations. Throughout the pages, which can be read independently, you will be surprised by the diversity of the examples and amazed by the genius of life.

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