Revealing, evaluating, supporting and developing bio-inspired impact companies and innovations.

Network of investors, coaches and entrepreneurs of the Bio-Inspired Economy.

A new multidisciplinary circle serving future innovations launched at the Biomim'expo Digital Week in December 2020.

The project

To create a permanent circle of experts and industrial, financial, public and academic stakeholders to bring together a set of financial and technical resources to identify, promote, support and finance the creation, emergence and development of innovative projects with high potential environmental and social impacts, providing new solutions to the challenges of resilience, and based on the emerging approach of bio-inspiration or biomimicry

Press release

28 October 2021

Biomimicry startups are raising millions.

The first cohort of innovative French companies in Biomim Deeptech (bio-inspired innovations with impact) raised

450 million.

For the first time, the study carried out by the innovation agency NewCorp Conseil provides the first ever assessment of the weight of biomimicry in the fundraising market and confirms the interest of investors in bio-inspired innovations. This interest has been confirmed by the recent success of the 6ème Biomim'expo 2021 and by the words of the President of the Republic evoking "a hidden continent of innovation". (Assises de la Mer, Nice, 15 September 2021)

The projects of interest to Biomim'Invest are from the the great family of "bio-inspirationThis means that they derive new ideas from the study, observation and understanding of living organisms at multiple scales (from molecular interactions to the equilibrium conditions of large ecosystems, from multifunctional surface structures to modes of production and communication).

These projects draw lessons from life to propose virtuous innovations to protect, preserve and improve living conditions on Earth, for humans and the biosphere as a whole

Since the origin of bio-inspiration, which poses the principles of life as a model for design, production and organisation, Biomim'Invest projects of interest can take on the following forms different forms of transfers and applications: up to the ability to mimic the living through technical solutions or organisational models, through the other ramifications of the living as a model, such as biosourcing, biocontrol or the family of nature-based solutions.

The issue

For some decades now, the planet is in a state of health emergencyThe environment, in terms of natural resources, biodiversity and climate, has deteriorated considerably as a result of human activities, which have led to multiple forms of pollution and climate disruption, mainly due to very high greenhouse gas emissions, which could eventually pose a direct threat to the presence of humans on earth.

The Covid-19 crisis is only the revelation of the disastrous effects - for the health of the human species - of this continuous degradation of its own biotope.

What if the new paradigm had always been in front of us?

This situation has contributed to push some visionary scientists and actors, such as the American biologist Janine Benyus, to apprehend the living as a potential source of solutions to these different issues.

Based on the principle that life is the world's first laboratory with its 3.8 billion years of R&DBiomimicry is emerging as a disruptive approach with great potential, reversing the political, ecological and economic paradigm to place living matter as a capital of knowledge and a source of technological and organisational inspiration, and not just as a stock or a setting to be preserved.

Emerging today a new generation of innovations able to apply these principles of life in response to a series of favourable situational accelerators.

A favourable economic climate

Thanks to the rapid development of knowledge of living organisms, technological tools and several economic accelerators (NewCorp Conseil's "Biomim'Factor 12" analysis), Biomimicry is experiencing a major boomThis is the result of a combination of technical innovations and advances, as well as the ability to response and resonance with the expectations of reconnection and resilience of our time.

The cyclical basis for a solid, long-term boom.  

The rise of biomimicry

Since the mid-2010s, this sector has been developing in France, under the joint impetus of the CeebiosThe Ceebios ecosystem is made up of a large number of partners, including political and public stakeholders, the scientific and academic community, major forward-thinking private groups, and a first circle of expert partners, including the specialised agency NewCorp Conseil, which has accompanied the Ceebios and the entire ecosystem since its inception.

A recognised player positioned at the epicentre of the academic, political and industrial ecosystem, the agency NewCorp Consulting is specialised in institutional strategy and communication, CSR and biomimicry; took the initiative to create the event Biomim'expothe first biomimicry meeting; develops monitoring of bio-inspired innovations; created the first directory of biomimicry players; launched a competition for bio-inspired projects; and knows very well the entrepreneurial ecosystem of biomimicry.

Biomim DeepTech, already > 450 million

From an economic point of view, biomimicry has not escaped the new dynamic of fundraising in many fields of activity, despite the rather long duration of research for companies developing products, materials or services that are mainly scientific in nature.

For several years, through its networking and innovation monitoring work, NewCorp Conseil has been identifying this first generation and constantly enriching its specialised database.

Since 2014, the first cohort of innovative French Biomim Deeptech companies has raised 450 million euros. The first study ever carried out by NewCorp Conseil on the occasion of the launch of Biomim'Invest provides an initial assessment of the weight of biomimicry on the fundraising market and confirms investors' interest in bio-inspired innovations. (details in the pdf)

A true "bio-inspired generation" of project leaders is emerging.

An opportunity to enhance value and communication.

Financial, academic, political and industrial players are also looking for projects with impact, compatible with their values, positioning and strategic projects, and attractive and surprising "stories" with strong powers of seduction and mobilisation.

These actors are often unknown today, and are looking for meaning and coherence between their projects. Biomimicry allows us to take an interest in all sectors, while keeping a line, a strong coherence through the transversality and multisectoriality of the scientific and technical approach.

Biomim'Invest is also intended to be a communication tool, capable of highlighting an ecosystem of players determined to support future projects based on the innovative and emerging approach of biomimicry.

The 5 main benefits of the collective approach

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By taking advantage of the mutualisation and enrichment of a team watch. We also look at things with our own habits, our own reading keys, our own biases, our own tools, etc. Biomim'Invest offers a richer but also more reactive watch thanks to the varied contributions and cross-views.

Broadening the spectrum

Looking beyond one's own research fields and usual cultural or sectoral criteria. Being surprised by the thematic and conceptual enlargement. Discovering promising approaches that might not have been seen. Biomim'Invest proposes to provoke the hybridization of ideas through the hybridization of sources and inputs.

Better evaluation

Through the mix of skills of the group and the complementarity of performance criteria. Biomim'Invest offers to take advantage of a collegial and plural expertise.


Our times are impatient and eager for new solutions. Save time by searching, evaluating and accompanying together. Accelerate through collective emulation. Biomim'Invest also proposes to save time for project leaders and researchers by providing them with a one-stop shop for their development.

Leverage effects

Promising projects will have a better chance of success and deployment with the support of stronger, more cohesive and ambitious partners with converging interests. For premium participatory financing, where individual interests benefit from the interest and resources of the whole.

How it works

Respond to the call for expressions of interest and join the circle.

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