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Can innovators learn anything about sustainability from the minimalist lifestyle of a two-toed sloth? This question occurred to me Wednesday during the Fou

Alain Renaudins insight:

This article, written at the end of the Fourth Annual Bioinspiration Conference in San Diego last November, sums up quite well what biomimicry needs in the months and years to come:

-> greater visibility and awareness, especially among non-expert audiences and the public at large.

-> a better structured and documented network to avoid the current fragmentation, which is detrimental to the visibility and, above all, the readability of this innovative field.

-> To quantify the economy of biomimicry, the number of publications, patents, actors, in order to reveal the dynamics underway and draw attention to this discipline which is currently emerging in silence.

-> Identify blockbuster products and inventions, capable of revolutionising market segments through disruptive innovations.

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