Positive effects of interdisciplinarity | Acfas | Découvrir magazine | April 2015

Using a corpus of 11 million articles, this analysis shows that interdisciplinarity is associated with higher scientific impact. Sourced through Scoop.it from: http://www.acfas.ca The ability to innovate will increasingly come from the ability to break out of silos and encourage multi-inspired creativity. An approach such as biomimicry is ... Continue reading Des effets positifs de l’interdisciplinarité | Acfas | magazine Découvrir | avril 2015

In 2015, cities will need innovation to become (truly) smart

Source: http://www.industrie-techno.com See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin In 2015, cities will need innovation to become (truly) smart THE EDITOR'S CHOICE | ENERGY & ENVIRONMENT | SMART GRID | SENSOR | DIGITAL & COMPUTER | SMARTPHONE | 15 INNOVATION LEVERS FOR 2015 BY PHILIPPE PASSEBON PUBLISHED ON 19/12/2014 AT 17H21 , ... Continue reading En 2015, les villes auront besoin d’innovations pour devenir (vraiment) intelligentes

5 Ways To Inspire And Encourage Everyone You Work With

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin You have an all-star team and vision for miles--What's missing? Bring your focus back to your people's potential with these tips from the authors of... Alain Renaudin's insight: Breaking out of silos to innovate is also about breaking out of your own thinking patterns, which often put your thinking on autopilot. Continue reading 5 Ways To Inspire And Encourage Everyone You Work With

Personal branding, the future of man 2.0 ? | Le Cercle Les Echos

See on Scoop.it - Alain RenaudinAlain Renaudin's insight:Everyone becomes or wants to become a brand, in the age of the media-ego, this is not surprising. But conversely, and this is very important, brands also have an interest in becoming incarnate, re-incarnated, re-humanised. To be warmer, more emotional, more credible and sincere in their social commitments in particular. If ... Continue reading Le personal branding, l’avenir de l’homme 2.0 ? | Le Cercle Les Echos

Biomimicry: the true nature of the collaborative economy?

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin What if the collaborative economy wasn't actually inspired by Nature? This is the opinion of Gaëtan Dartevelle, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and director of Greenloop. - OuiShare Alain Renaudin's insight: Since man has been man, growth, expansion, conquest, has been at the expense of the other, physically. The ... Continue reading Biomimétisme: la vraie nature de l’économie collaborative ?

Michael Pawlyn: Using nature's genius in architecture | Video on TED.com

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin How can architects build a new world of sustainable beauty? By learning from nature. Alain Renaudin's insight: Until now, environmental issues have most often been presented from an anxiety-inducing, constraining and guilt-inducing angle. Even if we have to recognise the virtue of sounding the alarm in order to raise awareness, it is not enough ... Continue reading Michael Pawlyn: Using nature’s genius in architecture | Video on TED.com

China to spend over 200 billion euros on pollution | SmartPlanet.fr

See on Scoop.it - Alain Renaudin The Chinese government wants to reduce air pollution emissions by a quarter by 2017.Alain Renaudin's insight:When air pollution is likely to lead to serious public health risks, social grievances, loss of activity and attractiveness, we are concerned about the environment. This is what I call environmental politics by interest. Continue reading La Chine va dépenser plus de 200 milliards d’euros contre la pollution | SmartPlanet.fr