France, freed from its shackles and taboos, would be an irresistible economic power

When we see the performance of a hobbled France, we dream of what a liberated France would be able to offer! The editorial of Tuesday 23 October 2012 on ( ... which is likely to remain relevant for a long time! Never before have we talked so much about transition, yet never before have we suffered so much from inertia. This is the ... Continue reading La France libérée de ses carcans et tabous serait une puissance économique irrésistible

Have political leaders reached their competence threshold?

Published on 26/6/2012 // The political power drowned in a globalized system and an era of interconnected issues, is struggling to find the means to act and influence the course of things, while remaining convinced that it has the authority. Without growth, the only known fuel for the system, we create more and more debt, ... Continue reading Les dirigeants politiques ont-ils atteint leur seuil de compétences ?