The more I hire, the more I gain by hiring: creation of the SNCE, the Net Balance of Job Creation

What if the system encouraged always hiring more rather than always taxing more? (updated on 1 April 2013). It is companies that hire (especially small and young ones, see OECD report), create wealth and permanent employment, what a scoop! So, rather than desperately helping ... Continue reading Plus j’embauche, plus je gagne à embaucher: création du SNCE, le Solde Net Créations d’Emplois

Have political leaders reached their competence threshold?

Published on 26/6/2012 // The political power drowned in a globalized system and an era of interconnected issues, is struggling to find the means to act and influence the course of things, while remaining convinced that it has the authority. Without growth, the only known fuel for the system, we create more and more debt, ... Continue reading Les dirigeants politiques ont-ils atteint leur seuil de compétences ?