Biomimicry: the true nature of the collaborative economy?

See on - Alain Renaudin What if the collaborative economy wasn't actually inspired by Nature? This is the opinion of Gaëtan Dartevelle, co-founder of Biomimicry Europa and director of Greenloop. - OuiShare Alain Renaudin's insight: Since man has been man, growth, expansion, conquest, has been at the expense of the other, physically. The ... Continue reading Biomimétisme: la vraie nature de l’économie collaborative ?

Consuming less energy to boost growth

At a time when we are reaching peaks in electricity consumption and the recent report by the Court of Auditors revises the cost of the thermonuclear park, the energy question is a social, environmental and industrial issue. These days, we are reaching record levels of electricity consumption, around 97,000 megawatts, which places Brittany in a position of great importance. Continue reading Consommer moins d’énergie pour relancer la croissance

Petrol prices must not fall (editorial August 2011)

16 August 2011:Oil has fallen to $86 per barrel. This is bad news from an ecological perspective but also from an economic one. Indeed, this will push us to consume more fuel, and give us less incentive to focus on its replacement. A change in taxation could ensure that prices are set high enough to keep the price of fuel down. Continue reading Le prix de l’essence ne doit pas baisser (edito août 2011)

Why the environment was mis-sold

How has ecology been "mis-sold" to the French for a long time... After being invited to the 2007 presidential elections (Nicolas Hulot charter), ecology was the big loser in the 2012 presidential elections and the big absentee in 2017. But above all, for the time being, at the beginning of this century, ecology has been poorly positioned and therefore poorly explained and therefore poorly sold. The ... Continue reading Pourquoi l’environnement a été mal vendu