Your Future British Airways Flights May Be Powered By Garbage

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A new production plant will soon crank out jet fuel made from trash. As airlines seek to lower their carbon footprint and cities struggle with growing…

Alain Renaudin‘s insight:


Après l’avion à gaz du Qatar, l’E-Fan d’Airbus, le solar impulse … voici le Garbage Air, où l’économie circulaire au service du transport aérien (et pas seulement).


Pour rappel: objectif CO2 de British Airways:

British Airways, which has a goal to reduce its net carbon emissions 50 percent by 2050, has signed a letter of intent to purchase all fuel produced at the plant to power part of its fleet.


Le site de l’entreprise qui traite les déchets:  


La solution:

Solena’s Integrated Biomass-Gas to Liquid “IBGTL” solution is based on an industry-proven Fischer-Tropsch platform coupled with Solena’s proprietary high temperature plasma gasification technology to produce sustainable fuels from low carbon-bearing organic waste.

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