Biomim'BOOK 2021

The first guide for actors and stakeholders in biomimicry and bio-inspiration. Already more than 20,000 hits.

Biomimicry directory

In the manner of a guide for actors and stakeholders, each actor is given a synthetic profile sheet to introduce themselves and make themselves known.

Idea: Biomimicry is also about meetings, discoveries, sharing, ... mutual knowledge! The idea is to help improve the notoriety and visibility of bio-inspiration and biomimicry actors in order to enhance and increase the opportunities

For whom: all the actors and entities that are already very expert, or that are currently investing in the exploration of biomimicry. This guide is also a way to be part of the family album and to declare oneself present. For labs, research centres, companies, SMEs and startups, but also schools and universities, associations, local authorities, etc.

Overview of the portrait pages :

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